About EPOC

The EPOC research project will link up the existing expertise on energy modelling in Belgium, where the effort is divided in four work packages:

WP1: Energy technology models and inputs

In a first phase different parameters for energy transition models will be collected and investigated by the partners. These parameters function as the building blocks which energy- and market models are based upon. Both expected technological evolutions and disruptive innovations expected towards 2050 are investigated.

WP2: Energy modelling framework for policy support towards 2030

Work package 2 presents the core of the energy model development in the project, with the following model improvements:

  • An improvement of the input parameters of energy investment models, such as:
    • Building stock details
    • Potential for district heating grids and non-electrical heating solutions
    • Clean mobility and effect on the electrical grid
  • Static and dynamic links between different types of energy models:
    • Security of supply constraints within energy investment models, both from generation and electrical grid perspective,
    • Business models and end consumer behaviour to support the electrical system
    • A market design suitable for high penetration of renewable energies
epoc model development
Figure 1: Model development within the EPOC project

WP3: The Belgian energy system in 2030-2050

In phase 3, the models are being tested with the input parameters from the first work package to come to a realistic analysis of a cost efficient and sustainable energy future. The focus is put on the security of supply of energy in Belgium. The long-term effects of climate change on the availability of wind and solar power is included in the analysis.

WP4: Stakeholder interaction and validation

Throughout the project close contact is kept with decision makers, the industry, and other stakeholders in the Belgian energy landscape, to continuously validate the parameters, models and results with a broad group of experts.

Stakeholder interaction and validation


The EPOC consortium will analyse the federal mobility pattern data as input for their energy system models. You can consult the protocol here.